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Club Meetings

Wednesday July 12, 2000

Today's meeting started around 6:45.  Several people flew in for this meeting.  Here is Dick Beamer and his Coyote: MVC-434F.JPG (123480 bytes)  and another picture: MVC-435F.JPG (151058 bytes)  Here is another member flying in: MVC-436F.JPG (203376 bytes) and then Mike King MVC-437F.JPG (220391 bytes) flies in.  Ok, so he is walking here, but that is his T-Bird behind him!  Dick was low on fuel so Jim Cooper goes to his hangar and retrieves his homebuilt fuel pump on a cart.  Here he is showing how it works: MVC-438F.JPG (221386 bytes)  Stu Reynolds offers to assist in the fuel delivery: MVC-439F.JPG (330041 bytes)  MVC-441F.JPG (254555 bytes)  "This thingy here pumps the fuel through this hose type gadget and the gas gets into the whatchamacallit somehow..." 

The meeting comes to order: MVC-442F.JPG (191085 bytes)  MVC-443F.JPG (186524 bytes)  President Gary Tackett reviews his notes (or is he eating supper?) as Jerry Hodges records the meeting. Everyone listens intently... MVC-444F.JPG (144025 bytes)  MVC-446F.JPG (173778 bytes)  It was decided that it was too hot to hold the meeting inside so we adjourned to the beautiful outdoors: MVC-451F.JPG (267583 bytes) This is Brent Herman, Jerry Kitt, Mike King, Mike Ward, Steve Duncan, Jim Cooper (barely visible behind Steve), then Stu Reynolds.   MVC-453F.JPG (184996 bytes)  Here you see Mike Hopper, Jerry Hodges, Max Nelson, and then Tim Searle (front to back).  

Today's meeting focused on planning a flight using charts and other piloting resources that are available.  Dick Beamer was the presenter, sharing his tips and experience in planning a flight to Marshall, Michigan for the KIMO fly-in Sept 1st. MVC-452F.JPG (149109 bytes)

When Dick was finished, Mike Ward coordinated the responsibilities for the club's fly-in scheduled for Saturday August 12.  He handed out slips of paper with duty assignments to the responsible parties.  And NO, he does NOT accept bribes!  Don't ask how I know!  Since we are having the fly-in next month we will not have a meeting, but will get together again in September.  Hope to see you at the fly-in!


Fly Safe.