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Ultralight EVENTS for 2000

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·       March 4: Wisconsin Ultralight Light Aviation Safety Seminar, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Information: Bart Gafney, (414) 567-4486. e-mail: BKGEE@pitnet.net .

March 16-18: USUA Annual Meeting and Air Sports Expo, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Information: USUA, (301) 695-9100.

March 25: Virginia Ultralight Safety Forum, Richmond, Virginia. Information: Carolyn Toth, (804) 236-3637.

March 25: Spring Fly-In, Pontotoc, Mississippi. Any and all aircraft welcome. Food and drink available. Information: Pat O'Neal, (601) 842-6043.

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April 8: Spring Fling Ultralight Fly-In, Fresno, California. Information: Jerry Jones, (559) 433-1143.

April 7-9: Cox Communications Airshow Spectacular, Williams Gateway Airport, Mesa, Arizona. Military jet demos, aerobatics, warbirds and more. Information: (480) 774-9355.

April 9-15: Sun 'n Fun Fly-In, Lakeland, Florida. Information: (941) 644-2431.

April 15: IRS Bomb Drop, Homedale, Idaho. Information: Kirk Nafsinger, (208) 459-8957.

April 22: Spring Fly-In and Picnic, Warrenton, Virginia. Information: Lew Clement, (703) 444-1639. e-mail: lclem@erols.com.

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May 6, 2000 Barfing Dogs Fly-in, Niles, MI contact Bill Wolverton 616-695-6657 (ASC will be displaying)  

May 6: Millennium Flyers Spring-In Fly-In, Amberson, Pennsylvania. Information: (717) 349-2791.

May 6-7: PRUA West Coast Fly-In 2000, Paso Robles Municipal Airport, Paso Robles, California. Information: Paul Cummings, (805) 438-3655.

May 13: Tri State Fly-In, Gage, Oklahoma. Information: (580) 938-2469.

May 13: Black Mesa Flyers Open House, Paulden, Arizona. Information: George Thompson, (520) 776-9543. e-mail: eagle1@futureone.com .

May 13: Northeast Region FAA Safety and Maintenance Fest 2000, held at Pratt and Whitney's Customer Training Center and Hangars, East Hartford, Connecticut. Free Rotax maintenance seminar by Phil Lockwood of Lockwood Aviation Supply. BRS parachute seminar and test flights in your new plane seminar by UF! Flight Reporter Dan Johnson. Information: Flightstar Sportplanes, (860) 875-8185.

May 19-22: 28th Annual Hang Gliding Spectacular and Air Games, Currituck County Airport, Currituck, North Carolina. Ultralights, hang gliders, paragliders, skydiving and much more. Street dance and awards ceremony. Information: (877) 359-8447.

May 20: Flight World Airport Fly-In and Swap Meet, Flight World Airport, Greer, South Carolina. Information: (864) 877-2126.

May 20: Annual Old Fashioned Grass Field Fly-In, Moontown Airport, Huntsville, Alabama. Lots of flying activities including ultralights, gliders and other aircraft. Breakfast 7:30 a.m. Free admission. Information: Guy Osborne, (256) 721-9286.

May 21: Robert H. Garrett Memorial Fly-In, Cobbs Creek, Virginia. Information: Richard Moore, (804) 693-5284. e-mail: rmoore@inna.net .

May 27: 2nd Annual Swamp Fox Flyers Fly-In, Georgetown Airport, Georgetown, South Carolina. Information: Gator Blevins, (843) 527-0883.

May 27-29: River Ranch Resort Powered Parachute Fly-In, River Ranch Resort, just east of Lake Wales, Florida on Highway 60. Resort contains camping, motel, grass and paved strip, 4 swimming pools and golf course. Call early. Information: River Ranch Resort, (800) 785-2102 or Joe Lowry, (561) 335-5348.

May 27: Alamo Air Force Ultralight Olympics, Schoolcraft, Michigan. Information: Phil Breece, (616) 279-2287. e-mail: slashley@accn.org .

May 27-28: World's Smallest Airshow, Llano, California. Information: Felice Apodaca, (661) 261-3216.
e-mail: brianranch@qnet.com .

May 27-28: Memorial Day Contest, Parma, Idaho. Information: Kirk Nafsinger, (208) 459-8957.

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June 2-4: 2000 Sussex Ultralight Fly-In, Sussex Airport, Sussex, New Jersey. Flying skill events, great food. RC model plane flying. Information: Mark, (973) 316-6051.

June 3, 2000 Nulltown Wingnuts, Nulltown, IN contact Tom Robeson 765-478-5453

June 3: Ed Lynch Memorial Barbecue, Warrenton, Virginia. Information: Lew Clement, (703) 444-1639. e-mail: lclem@erols.com .

June 3: Nulltown Wingnuts Spring Fly-In, Nulltown, Indiana. Information: Tom Robeson, (765) 478-5453. e-mail: toolman@jmhutton.com .

June 3: Northbrook International Fly-In, Cherryville, North Carolina. Information: James Peeler, (704) 435-4931.

June 4: Gateway Area Ultralight Association Open House, Jerseyville, Illinois. Information: Tommy Raymond, (618) 498-4028.

June 8-11: Texoma Ultralight Gathering and Fly-In, Gordonville, Texas. Information: Sam Cox, (817) 232-3379. e-mail: lightflyer@msn.com .

June 17-18: Gateway Area Ultralight Association Father's Day Fly-In, Pierron, Illinois. Information: Keith Smith, (314) 776-4790.

·       June 22-24, 2000 2nd Annual Sho Me Chute Flyers Fly-In, Braugh Flight Park, Carthage, MO, contact Ralpf McClurg 417-235-3058 or 417-358-6233  

June 23-25: Ickes Recreational Park Ultralight Gathering, Osterburg, Pennsylvania. Free admission, parking and camping. Bicycle and horseback riding trails. Information: (814) 276-3353.

June 23-25: Summer Solstice Fly-In, Chugiak, Alaska. Information: Lanse Welsh, (907) 688-7001. e-mail: ul1Oaka@aol.com .

June 24: 4th Annual Talisman Field Picnic and Fly-In, Talisman Farm, Grasonville, Maryland. Includes Challenger aircraft fly-in. Grill items and drinks provided. Information: Art Kudner, (410) 827-7154.

June 24-25: 'Dac Pac Pterodactyl Fly-In, Kankakee, Illinois. Information: Frank Beagle, (815) 932-9822.

June 24-25: Rocky Mountain Regional Fly-In, Vance Brand Airport, Longmont, Colorado. Building, flying and safety seminars. Information: Carol Leyner, (303) 442-5002.

      June 24, 2000 The 8th Annual Les Nesman Turkey Drop, Cornwell Turkey, Marshall, MI, contact Jim Stephenson 616-781-4021 (ASC will be displaying)

June 24: Top of the Mountain Fly-In Breakfast and Poker Run, Schuylkill County-Joe Zerbey Airport, Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Information: Bob Moyer, RD 2, Box 453, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania 17963.

June 24: BUG Blast 2000, Central Kentucky. Information: David Hempy, (606) 351-2363.

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·       July 1-4 Annual Buckeye National Powered Parachute Gathering, Argos, IN contact Buckeye 219-892-5566 (ASC will be displaying)  

July 1-4: Buckeye National Powered Parachute Fly-In, Argos, Indiana. Information: Ralph Howard, (219) 892-5566. e-mail: buckchute@aol.com .

July 5-9: Northwest Arlington Fly-In, Arlington, Washington. Information: (360) 435-5857.

July 7-9: Light Aircraft Flyers Fly-In and Gathering, Rose Airport, Rose, New York. Fun flyers of all types welcome. Information: Chuck, (315) 626-2992 or Harold, (315) 564-5008.

July 8-15: Yankee Ultralight Flyers Fly-In, Greenland, New Hampshire. Information: Walt Colby, (603) 742-1659.

·       July 18-23 2000 38th Annual PRA Convention, Mentone, IN contact PRA 219-353-7227 (ASC will be displaying)

July 22-23: Dayton Daily News United States Air and Trade Show, Dayton International Airport, Dayton, Ohio. Northern Lights Civilian Jet Team, Bob Hoover, military demonstrations, more. Information: (937) 898-5901.

·       July 26-Aug 1, 2000 EAA Convention, Oshkosh, WI contact EAA 414-426-4800 (ASC will be displaying)  

July 26-August 1: AirVenture '00, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Information: (920) 426-4800.

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          Aug 5, 2000 Wolverton’s Corn and Sausage Roast, Wolverton Field, Niles, MI contact Bill Wolverton 616-695-6657 (ASC will be displaying)

·       August 12: Indy Flyers Annual Autumn Fly-In, Wheeler's Westfield Airport, Westfield, Indiana. Ultralight flying contest. Information: Mike Ward, (317) 594-8854.

August 18-20: UltraPig Fly-In, Libertytown, Maryland. Information: Mike Kilpatrick, (301) 916-0996.

August 24-August 28: Mohawk Valley Ultralight Fly-In, Johnstown, New York. Information: Tony Romanazzi, (518) 792-4226.

·       Aug 25-27, 2000 ASC Midwest Regional Fly-In, 15 miles SE of Springfield, IL contact Tommy George 217-623-5772 (ASC will be displaying).

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      Sept 1-4, 2000 ASC Nationals AT KIMO & ASC Convention, (ASC National Ultralight Championship), Brooks Field (5D8) Marshall, MI contact Jim Stephenson 616-781-4021 (ASC will be displaying)  

      September 2-4: Cleveland National Airshow, Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland, Ohio. U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, aerobatic competition, military displays, more. Information: (216) 781-0747.

September 3-4: Hawk Owners Fly-In. Information: Chuck Slusarczyk, (440) 632-1424. e-mail: chucks1067@stratos.net .

September 8-10: Golden West Fly-In, Atwater, California. Information: Jerry Jones, (559) 433-1143.

      Sept. 23, 2000 Revenge of the Turkey  Drop, contact John Chapman 616-383-2016

        Sept. 30 – Oct. 1, 2000 4th Annual Boyer Flight Park Fly-In, Burnettsville, IN, contact Bob Boyer 219-943-3424 (ASC will be displaying).

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October 5-8: 3rd Annual Chattanooga Sport Flyers and Trikes-R-Us Gathering, Marion County Airport, Jasper, Tennessee. Flying contests, food, vendors and introductory flights. Awards banquet Saturday night. Camping off field, motel nearby. Information: Larry Ramsey, (423) 332-7435.

October 6-8: 10th Annual Southeast Regional Fly-In (SERFI), Evergreen, Alabama. Information: Evergreen Chamber of Commerce, (334) 578-1707.

       Oct. 7, 2000 Octoberfest, Wolverton Field, Niles, MI, contact Bill Wolverton 616-795-6657

October 7-8: Chriss Monk Memorial Fly-In, Jackpot, Nevada. Information: Bob Schaefer, (208) 343-5628.

October 12-15: Copperstate Regional Fly-In, Phoenix, Arizona. Information: Kim Rosenlof, (602) 770-6420. e-mail: media@copperstate.org .

October 13-15, Southeast EAA Fly-In, Evergreen, AL, contact 334-578-1707, www.unistarcomputer.com/serfi

October 19-20, Casey Jones Balloon Festival, Jackson, TN, contact Bob Shuttleworth 901-427-1703

October 20-22: Shane Smith Memorial Octoberlite Fly-In, South Mississippi Light Aircraft, Lucedale, Mississippi. Information: Ronnie Smith, (601) 947-4953.

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Nov 17-19, H&S Barnstormers, Kissimmee, FL, contact Hans or Sally 407-892-8146 (ASC will be displaying)

Nov 18, Fall Festival, Propwash Airport, Justin, Tx, contact Sam Cox 817-232-3379

Nov 24, Thanksgiving Fly-In, Greenville, IL, contact info@meppa.com

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